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Please note that you cannot pay tuition, or room and board with Cajun Cash.

All deposits must now be made with your new Banner issued Cajun Card Number, it will begin with a 3.  If you do not know you new number log in to the Portal, at the upper left corner you will see your ULID.  Change the C to a 3 and you will have your new Cajun Card number

Students and parents are welcome to make deposits at any time.  If you prefer not to deposit money online, you may visit the Cajun Card Office located in the Student Union, Rm. 134 (cash, check, credit card), call (337) 851-2273 (credit card only), visit the Library ADM (cash only), or mail a check to:

Cajun Card Services
PO BOX 43615
Lafayette, LA 70504

*Note: If you need to help with your PIN see our PIN page.