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Cajun Card Agreement

My Cajun Card is valid for as long as I am a student at UL Lafayette. My Cajun Card will automatically be validated each semester upon payment of tuition. There will be a $25.00 replacement charge for lost or stolen Cajun Cards. Lost or stolen cards should be reported in person to the Cajun Card Office in the Student Union, Rm. 134, by phone at (337) 851-2273, or you may deactivate your card online. If you lose your card, you may find your Cajun Card number by accessing your ULINK account. Please do not puncture your ID card, due to a computer chip within the card.

I am aware that this picture will be placed in the Yearbook, unless I inform the Cajun Card Office otherwise. Should I take a new picture, that picture will only be reflected in the Yearbook if it is taken prior to September 30th of the current year.

This card is not transferable and is the property of UL Lafayette. It must be carried at all times and presented upon request to any UL Lafayette official. Misuse by the holder or others may result in loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action.

This card may be used for a debit account. Purchases can be made wherever the Cajun Card is accepted. I will not earn interest on balances on my Cajun Card; I may not use the Cajun Card as a credit card, nor can I use it to obtain cash. Refunds may be given for Cajun Cash balances only after I have graduated or resigned from the University.

Most point-of-sale terminals are equipped to provide a receipt for each transaction. It is my responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct. An account statement listing transactions will be generated using the Cajun Card account management page or upon request at the Cajun Card Office in the Student Union, Rm. 134.

The terms and conditions of this Agreement are effective and remain binding until the Cardholder is otherwise notified.